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Room Service in React

Get a full-stack example running in Next.js and understand the basic concepts in 15 minutes.

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Adding Auth

Room Service hooks into your own auth, no matter how you've set it up. Walk through an example of the most common pattern: an Auth Webhook.

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Server-side Usage

Room Service isn't a "backend as a service" and it's not trying to be your database. Learn how Room Service can be used server-side while fitting into your existing stack.

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React Usage In-depth

Learn more about how Room Service's React client works in-depth.

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Non-react Usage

Room Service comes with a pure-javascript "browser" client that works with any frontend framework. (Vue, Svelte, etc)

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Cheating CRDTs

Room Service is optimized for optimistic rendering, not going offline forever. Checkout this guide on Room Service's internals.

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